Bruce Archdeacon

Bruce Archdeacon

Bruce Archdeacon was born in 1907 and graduated from Seville High School in Medina County, Ohio. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees, studying at Fenn College (now Cleveland State University), Wilmington College, Ashland University, Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University and American University.

For more than 30 years he taught chemistry and physics and, in the words of a former student, “was outstanding in his knowledge of the fields which proved interesting and valuable to so many of us. He patiently found ways to explain those things that some were not quick to grasp. He was firmly in charge but always a respectful leader. And his teaching style commanded respect. He went out of his way to assure that his labs were properly stocked and that the required materials were ready.”  Mr. Archdeacon taught at Shelby from 1941 through 1943 and then again from 1945 through 1970.  During the two years that he was gone from Shelby he was teaching in a program for the U.S. Navy in Delaware, Ohio. 

Says a second alum: “Mr. Archdeacon was a demanding teacher, and I was not his best student. But, looking back on it now, I realize that what I know, understand and believe are rooted in those basics that he worked so hard to teach. I will never forget the sign he had hanging on the wall of his lab:

This is a laboratory – a place for LABOR, not ORATORY.'”

Remarks a third alum: “I was fortunate to study chemistry and physics with Mr. Archdeacon in the late 1950s.  Looking back – after 60 years – I realize now how much he was responsible for my technical career.  I have a great appreciation for his style and dedication.  I imagine hundreds of Shelby graduates feel the same way.” 

Mr. Archdeacon passed away in 1977. 

Nominators: Dick Berry ’60, Chip Koontz ’60, Anne Stevenson Benninghof ‘60

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