Byron Carmean

Before coming to Shelby in 1944 as the new SHS principal, Byron Carmean had earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees and had spent 14 years in Lexington, Ohio, as a history teacher, principal and superintendent. In Shelby, he was named superintendent in 1946 and served in that capacity until 1967. Observes a former SHS teacher, “During his tenure as superintendent, he rebuilt the whole Shelby school system. The only building that was not added during this expansion program was the present Middle School building.” The post-World War II baby-boom years presented another challenge for Mr. Carmean; he met it by developing the Shelby schools transportation system to accommodate a student population that increased four-fold during his tenure. After Mr. Carmean retired as superintendent in 1967, he spent two years aiding in the planning and construction of Pioneer Joint Vocational School which annually presents the Byron Carmean Award to a student who displays outstanding character, dedication and service. Few, if any, individuals have ever contributed more to the education of Shelby youths than Byron Carmean. He was born on December 7, 1907 in Williamsport, Ohio, and passed away unexpectedly at his Shelby home from a heart attack on May 7, 1972.

Nominators: retired SHS teacher Mel John who lives in Shelby; Mike Johnson ’63 who lives in North Canton, Ohio; Roger Adam ’39 who lives in Shelby.

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