Sheryl Chase Cramer ’72

Sheryl Chase Cramer

Sheryl Chase Cramer ’72 has made helping Shelby and Shelbians her life’s calling. In retrospect her range of activities while at SHS was a harbinger of her willingness to  get involved in the community  and to lead.  During her SHS years, Sheryl  was an officer of both the Girls Athletic Association and the Pep Club and was elected to Student Council for three years and to her class’ Executive Committee. She also was a member of the  Whippet Band and Concert Choir for  three years each, the  Chamber Ensemble, Mel-o-ettes and French  Club. She also was a participant in Whippet Theater and was voted a member of her senior class Homecoming Court.

Thirty years ago, she launched Shelby Help Line Ministries which has been vital to helping people with great needs. Observes a fellow alum, “She is a very compassionate person and  so willing to help anyone who has a need. Whether it is physically, financially, spiritually or emotionally, she is so willing to listen and help if needed. When she was in high school she was always so nice and never put anyone down. She was always so willing  to be a friend.  Her life is now showing that same quality. She is so caring and has been very successful in providing for less fortunate people.”

Sheryl continues as director of Shelby Help  Line Ministries  and represents  the  organization on the Shelby Home & Public Health League Advisory Board, the Shelby unit of the Salvation Army Advisory Board, the Shelby United Fund Board, the Adult Basic Literacy Education Advisory Committee for Pioneer  GED classes, the  Richland County Client Tracking Agency and Richland County Foundation Individual Assistance Committee.  She  also  chairs  the Unmet Needs Committee of the Richland County Organization for Disaster Assistance. Sheryl lives in Shelby.

Nominator: Cindy Rogers Billheimer ’71. Presenter: Patricia Lee Carlisle ’65

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