Dave Gump ’51

Dave Gump

Dave Gump ’51 built a business career that created jobs for many American workers. First, though, Dave distinguished himself on the gridiron. Later he did likewise at college, in the military, software development and business leadership. While at SHS, Dave played football – earning All-NOL honors – and basketball and ran track. He fondly remembers the faculty. “All, all SHS teachers were very good,” says Dave. “Good skills, good people.” He cites Coach Bill Wilkins and Marie Hughes as being particularly inspiring. After graduating he headed to Wittenberg, but the military beckoned and Dave soon found himself in the Army in Korea. After the war, with time remaining on his tour of duty, he was transferred to Japan where once again he played football, for an Army team. Returning to the States, Dave accepted an offer from Miami University where he played freshman football (wide receiver and defensive back) and then earned a psychology degree. He then began a business career that included working for RCA, Crucible Steel, General Foods Corp., Malden Mills and consulting firms. Beginning in 1976 and continuing for the next 17 years, Dave worked at Bell & Howell. While there he led the company through technology change from producing parts and service documentation on microfilm to electronic capture, reproduction and distribution for CD-ROM-based computer systems and opened markets in Europe and Japan. Dave’s work was recognized and respected and he finished his career as chairman and chief executive officer of Bell & Howell’s Publication Systems Division. He now divides time between Rhode Island and Florida.

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