Joan Arrington

Joan Arrington

A 1944 Willard High School graduate, Joan Arrington taught at SHS for 30 years, from 1954-1984. Before coming to SHS, she taught one year at Willard High School and for two years taught sixth grade in Attica, Ohio. She is a graduate of Heidelberg College. The 1974 Scarlet S was dedicated to her. Observes a former student, “She treated her students as adults, as long as they behaved in that manner. I felt she was giving us respect, and most of us felt obligated to return that respect. It wasn’t difficult, as Joan earned her title, ‘teacher,’ every day. I never saw her slack off – never. She prepared me well for college. I never took an essay test when Joan was not there helping in some small or large way. Finally, and importantly, I realized only these last few months that Joan had helped me become a better teacher. I, like her, give it my most sincere effort every day. What the heck, I learned from the best.” Said another alum, “Wow! What an impression she made. Tough, fair and always prodding her students. She’s one reason I went to journalism and public relations school. One tough cookie but what a teacher.” Joan Arrington passed away unexpectedly on September 3, 2006 at her home in Willard.

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