Forrest Kirkpatrick ’23

Forrest Kirkpatrick ’23

Serving the greater good and leadership in business, education and government seemed to come naturally to Forrest Kirkpatrick ‘23. 

Born in Galion in 1905, his family soon moved to Shelby.  After graduating from SHS, Forrest earned a bachelor’s degree at Bethany College and a master’s in educational measurement and a doctorate in clinical psychology, both from Columbia University .  He also became an ordained minister. 

In business he first worked at RCA and then from 1952-75 at Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp., mostly in labor relations and general management.  He rose to vice president and serving as a member of the company’s board of directors.  Simultaneously he served as a leader with two national organizations, chairing the education committees of the American Iron & Steel Institute and National Association of Manufacturers. 

In education for 25 years he served his alma mater Bethany as a dean and professor. 

In government he served as a consultant to the State Department, Department of Labor, War Manpower Commission, Civil Service Commission and the U.S. Postal Service.  In West Virginia, he was inducted into the Wheeling Hall of Fame. 

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