Gregory A. Daniel ’71

Greg Daniel ’71 demonstrated remarkable determination and success in overcoming obstacles to become a member of the Shelby Whippet Marching Band and, later, the Buckeye Marching Band at Ohio State University where he earned his bachelor’s degree. He memorized every note and step. He demonstrated the same determination in building a successful career as a computer programmer for the State of Ohio. Each year Greg plays several times in the OSU Alumni Band for non-profit organizations. Says a fellow alum, “Greg has always been an inspiration to me from the time I met him in band when I was a senior in 1969, and he came to SHS as a sophomore from The School For The Blind in Columbus. We soon found that he was very self-sufficient, was a very quick learner, and was a lot of fun to be around. He taught us so much! If he wanted to do something, he did it! He played his trumpet, marched in the band, sang in the choir and excelled as a student at SHS. Going on to college at Ohio State, he did what we all thought was impossible — he marched in the best damn band in the land.” Remarks a second alum, “He continues to be an inspiration to all who meet him. He has never missed an opportunity to attend and encourage other alums to attend SHS activities. To this day, he is able to hear my voice and say, ‘Hi, Shelly.’ What an ambassador for SHS.”

A third alum says, “He is always going where he will be challenged personally and he always seems to triumph. He is a very giving and caring individual. He spoke as the featured speaker for graduation in 1996, and he is very enthusiastic about the alumni group.” Greg is a member of the SHS Alumni Association Board of Trustees and served as a master of ceremonies at the 2005 Alumni Homecoming. He lives in Columbus.

Nominators: Jocelyn Armstrong McCauley ’69 who lives in Shelby; Shelly Black Abrams ’69 who lives in Lebanon, Ohio; Cindy Rogers Billheimer ’71 who lives in Shelby.

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