James E. Henkel ’63

James E. Henkel

For the late Jim Henkel ’63, involvement in Shelby educational and community affairs began early and continued unabated. While at SHS, Jim was elected to Student Council three years, serving as president his junior year, was a starter in basketball and football and was named an All-NOL defensive back following his senior season. Following graduation, he attended Ashland University where he majored in economics and minored in psychology.

During the decades after graduating, Jim was very supportive of the communit y. He served Shelby for four years as mayor (1991-95) and four years as a city councilman and then was again elected mayor in 2005. In addition,  he served  on and  headed  several  community group boards. He was president of the Y Board, the Girl Scout Little House Board and the Shelby chapter of the Red Cross. He was a member of the following boards: North Central Hospice, ReDEC, Regional Planning, AMP-Ohio, Shelby Senior Center and SHS Alumni Association. In addition, Jim was a member of the Shelby Rotary  and the  Knights of Columbus. In 1995 the Shelby Chamber of Commerce presented him with a Special Commendation Chairman’s Award. The engraving on the plaque reads: “He fosters harmony and dedication in his community.”

Says a former teacher, “Jim was a sterling example of a person who made a habit of serving his community.”

In addition, Jim served as a teacher’s aide in Shelby schools and, as a member of the SHS Alumni Association’s planning team, took on a variety of volunteer roles.

Jim passed away on August 19, 2008. Surviving are his wife, Susie Bashore Henkel ’62, and children Andy ’86, Amy ’87 and Aaron ’94.

Shortly before Jim died, while discussing his family and service to community, he observed: “These two accomplishments, family and the city of Shelby, are my life’s dream come true. To the citizens of Shelby, although you may never see me on the streets again, I’ll always be with you in spirit.”

Nominators: Harryet Snyder, former SHS biology teacher, and Mike Johnson ’63. Presenter: Andrew Henkel ’86.

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